Foodaraa - Food ordering App



Foodaraa is a successful Food Ordering system. It enables its users to look for different restaurants, compare meal offers and prices and other food ordering perks. It enables the restaurant staff to manage their food business more efficiently.


The Foodaraa system is highly responsive and customized. Based on advanced technology, it helps make customer interaction with the restaurant staff clearer, easier and smoother.

The system allows its users to order from different restaurants and give them a rating too. They can get their orders within no time. This makes them happy and so ensures customer satisfaction for the restaurateurs.


Foodaraa offers great deals and discounts to food-lovers based in Pokhara, Nepal. Once a foodie enters their location, the system filters out all the food points near them. It displays restaurant timings, menu and other restaurant facilities, allowing them to add their favorite dish to the cart. Users can also enjoy new discounts and deals if a restaurant offers them.


With Foodaraa, customers are given the option to book an event like a birthday party, wedding, or other celebrations online via the app/website.


Customer rating and review matter the most when it comes to e-business. At Foodaraa, we allow users to review and rate any restaurant of their choice to help them flourish.


Foodaraa is a multi-faceted system. It offered to our Nepalese partners to run their food business smoothly. We provided three apps and a customer site and an admin panel. This system included:

  • User app
  • Rider app
  • Admin app and
  • Admin and customer web portals

Foodaraa allows its users to take food orders online and deliver them to their doorsteps in time.

The User app

The user app is available at the play and app store. It is meant for customers who like to order food. They download the app and place their favorite food order through Foodaraa.


The Rider app

There should be a rider to deliver a food order to the customer. That is why we created the rider app. This app allows the restaurant staff and the rider to communicate with each other efficiently. The admin assigns the order to the delivery guys via this app and the delivery guys drop the orders to the customers. Customers are allowed to track the riders via this app.


Admin app

Food order management becomes handy if you have an admin app. The admin can accept/reject and order, assign a rider, communicate them about any order anytime, anywhere using this app.


Admin panel and user website

These two are web portals. One is a user-site and the other is the admin portal to make restaurant management easy as well as an enjoyable experience for both the order-takers and order-givers!


“People who love to eat are always the best people” – that’s why we introduced a system like Foodaraa to our clients!

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