We are designing an innovative and unique driver tracking system for one of our clients. The end-user of this app will be (company) drivers. It will allow them to log their vehicle start time and other details. Everything logged into the app will help the drivers to manage their vehicle in a better way.

The Lognz system can keep track of all the things mentioned by the drivers. The app can also help in making sure drivers’ safety. When everything is logged into an app, it increases the chances of smooth drive and lowers the risks of road accidents and other issues like this.

What’s more is our system is in line with the rules and regulations of the local and international authorities, both concerned.

What the System Can Do

Our futuristic Lognz app allows the managers/admins to track vehicles. It also lets them review log timings and also take vehicle readings through our system – anytime, anywhere.

Main Features

  • Excellent vehicle tracking
  • Log timings review
  • Vehicle readings
  • Location tracking

Drivers’ Safety

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