Developed for Lantix, USA, this project is all about quality assurance (QA) of different departments of a company. This system has an Admin panel & a User Android/ iOS App.

How to Assure Quality Using QA 242

When everything is going online, why not QA? In a company, supervisors cannot sit with the team all the time. Just like a teacher cannot sit with a student throughout the day.

Can there be a system a supervisor uses to keep an eye on their team and ensure the tasks assigned are going smoothly?

Yes, Hello World technologies is proud to provide a nice solution in the form of QA 242. The people concerned (the supervisor, manager, admin etcetera) can use our app to make sure quality is maintained in their company.

All this process happens through apps and the admin panel – sitting almost anywhere and anytime. This gives ease and comfort to keep track of tasks without wasting a single minute.

Would there be any issue in the quality, the supervisor/manager can quickly pinpoint it and the team can resolve the issue there and then.

Salient Features of QA 242

  • Handy monitoring
  • User-friendly system
  • Error-free analysis
  • Fast-tracking and more

QA 242 helps increase team productivity and the company’s promise to provide high quality products/services.

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