Dinehome food ordering system

Dinehome is our project which is currently running in Norway. Dine home is food ordering and delivery app successfully launched in Norway. Dine home brings the food you’re craving for. Simply it allows allows users to select from local restaurants through cell phone application. We know that everyone prefer comfortness. With this we can target the customers easily. From Dinehome one can order their food from anywhere they want. With the 21st century, many people love it to order online food.


Here’s some features of Dinehome Food ordering app.

Delivery Scheduling

Delivery Status Tracking on a Map

Multiple Payment Options

Feedback and Review

Customer Support.

The Essential Features for a Food Ordering App:

Many things should be kept in mind while we creating dinehome application. Dinehome create 4 versions of the application

For the User

For the Admin panel

For the Admin app

For the delivery

User App:

* Registration- Customers can register directly with our application * Payment- Provide with the mode of payment for the auto payment feature like credit card and vipps. * Order page  (menus, place an order, payment process)- Select the available options to order food from the nearby food point. * Order controls (track your order to be delivered) – From the dinehome app users can track the status of order package as it drives to its destination. * Rating and Reviews- Share your experience about the food point. Customer can also manage their profiles.

* Push notifications- Notification of the delivered time and person delivering will be updated.

Web Portal/Admin Pannel:

  • A large collection of all the cafes, cuisines, users and the workers should be saved
  • Push-notice to be sent on the customer application
  • Income reports
  • Management of data
  • Client base
  • Admin will receive order details in his email.
  • Admin can run the campaigns of their products and managed accounts of users.

Admin App:

In Dinehome   from accounts section admin can update his profile and change password.

Admin will see their income reports, order details and broad cast their order to delivery guys

Admin can also regulate the timings of their food point.

Admin can create accounts of employees.  

Delivery app:

Riders can managed their profile and can see the order’s detail and also update the status  of order. Riders also have access  to reviews the order from customers


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