Fajira is online ordering system which is especially designed for your restaurant which brings your restaurant a new life.



Fajira is online ordering system which is especially designed for your restaurant which brings your restaurant a new life.


  • Website ordering system.
  • Admin management tools.
  • User friendly admin dashboard
  • Customer mobile app (Android and Iphone)
  • Delivery management app (Android and Iphone)
  • Online payment mode
  • Admin app (Android and Iphone)

 Website Ordering System:

Give your customer facility of directly order from your restaurant’s website.

Admin management tools:

Fajira provides back-end for admin to manage complete restaurant ordering system on the web platform. Admin can manage single/multiple outlets. Each outlet is provided with an order receiving app on both the web and mobile apps platform. Your customers can order through the web as well as the mobile platform (Android & iPhone).

User friendly admin dashboard:

Fajira is  user-friendly that with a one tap they can place order in your restaurant using electronic money and always visit your app for spicy & new dishes to place orders through your app.  

Customer mobile app (Android and Iphone):

 Fajira is completely customized to your restaurant brand including logo, color scheme, dish pictures, and more! Fajira is created to facilities to your customers

Consumers are certainly downloading mobile ordering apps at lightning speed. There’s no more waiting in line or getting put on hold.

Ordering ahead provides convenience during a busy day and allows your customer to pick up food on the go.

1- Customers will order food from website or app.

2-Restaurant get notification about order.

3-Customers receive confirmation about order placed.

4-Restaurant will start order processing and food preparation.

5- Customer receive food by restaurant or 3rd party delivery service.

 Delivery management app (Android and Iphone):

Fajira manage the delivery or does the restaurant deliver to the customer with online ordering Fajira have opportunity to order your products. Customers don’t need to call because today’s consumers are all about comfortness.

Online payment mode:

Fajira is able to easily accept orders using the online ordering menu. All this, fully integrated with their online payment processing accounts. Customers now have a choice to complete their order process with payment via credit cards instead of cash-on-delivery. It should be fast & reliable and secured payment by payments through debit/credit cards and internet banking.


Admin app (Android and Iphone):

Owner can managed their orders and reports and also see the response of their customers. They will have access to create and managed accounts of their employees.

Premium & Guaranteed Quality

Premium & Guaranteed Quality

Secure & Safe Payment

Secure & Safe Payment

Live Order Tracking App

Live Order Tracking App

Admin app

Admin app