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Hello World Technologies is the software house in Rahim yar khan(Pakistan). We are responsible for developing,securing and maintaining your system. We are providing a wide platform of technology services to businesses around the globe. Every software which we build is attune to your business needs. Hello World Technologies has the experience, tools, and technologies to create such demanding custom softwares. Hello World Technologies work alongside teams building alluring, functional web applications with an eye toward the future.
We develop end-to-end softwares, web applications and mobile applications. We support you from generating the concept and design, through developing and delivering the final product that will enchanting the customers. In order to develop creativity, look at our services. Our main areas are Web development, Graphic Designing, Mobile Apps and Digital Marketing.
Hello World Technologies has experienced team. They have expertise in
React Native
Yes we work on Hybrid apps by using React Native technology. We build IOS Apps, Android and Windows Apps. Each app can be optimized and we make sure that the applications we build use code and tools which are native to them. We believe that our code should be clean, brief, and raise as a strong footing for future development.
Technology on topping list of hybrid apps is React Native. We are also using React Native for app development. Through hybrid app we design the foundation of products that are visually pleasing and have an instinctive user experience.
Yes we develop sites in WordPress. Our experts develop custom plugins and theme according to the client's requirements. We do not follow a theme, we follow our clients.
Our main product is Fajira. Fajira is online ordering system which is especially designed for restaurants to catch more customers. Some of its features are:
Website ordering system.
Admin management tools.
User friendly admin dashboard.
Customer mobile app (Android and Iphone).
Delivery management app (Android and Iphone).
Online payment mode.
Admin app (Android and Iphone ).
We are strong in different areas. We have a dynamic and passionate team of web developers, graphic designers, mobile app developers and digital marketing which leads our software house on a cutting edge.
Yes we provide web hosting. Hello World Technologies helps you to find the best web hosting service. A well-grounded hosting assures you good uptime, fast load times and easy setup.
We are dealing in local market and international market as well. Our big projects are:
Hello World Technologies always prefer online system. It helps to create, share, and participate on projects all in one place and keep projects moving faster.
We have a strategy to do our work. First we meet our customers to Identify the problem then research and then establish the objectives and finally select a platform.
Yes we exist in international market as we worked on different projects which are launched internationally.
Our plan for SEO is simple and authentic. Our strategies turn strangers on Google, Yahoo into visitors, leads, customers and eventually loyal customers.
Our graphic designers provide efficient and vigorous services to our valueable clients such as: o Logo Design o Stationery Design o Brochure Design o Banner design o Presentation Design o Flyer Design o Advertisement design
Hello World Technologies team is our asset when it comes to delivering successful iOS apps. We use an agile development approach. We build and maintain in-house libraries of code that express our best approaches to app design, save development time.
Yes we create project documentation it is necessary element for projects get to know the flow and structure of the project.
Yes we follow scrum model because it manage our projects very well. Agile software development with Scrum is often understands as a methodology and its framework help for managing a process.
Our energetic and hardworking team spend 72 hours in a week for better development.
We always here to serve our customers. We are available on Sunday for customer support.
We provide online payment integration system and e-commerce application that authorizes credit card or direct payments processing for e-businesses and online retailers.
Yes we have global clients we are working with them and for them. We work on different projects globally.
Yes we have different teams and departments and every department performed their pre-defined duties according to their job description.
Yes we provide training after deployment, once our project has completed, to guide the users.
Our team provides SEO friendly website which configure easy features for search engines to drag and understand about particular websites.
We follow the search engine rules to get traffic, optimize site that save time and give technical advice on website development. We also manage online business development campaigns and Keyword research.
Yes our system provides cross browser testing that make sure that the web sites and web apps work across an acceptable number of web browsers. As web developers it is our team’s responsibility to complete projects , no matter what browser, device, or additional assertive tools they are using.
After deployment the software we give further support if any problem occurred.
Yes we are register from government.
We have a team of android app developers. These apps of Android are developed in Java and its APIs are designed to be called primarily from Java and develop apps using the Android Native development Kit.
No we do not sell hardware we only deal with software because Hello World Technologies is a software company only.
Yes we provide database system development as it allows the user to modify data in real-time. Our database developers have many years of experience to designing complex custom database systems for companies. There are a several technologies used to execute database systems to access server-based systems like SQL Server.
We help ecommerce business to grow their revenues and increase customers via optimal combination of user’s solutions.
Yes the team of Hello World Technologies provide facility of customization as per customer’s needs.
Yes we offer social media marketing to maximize client’s investment in marketing initiatives. We look for strategies and tools that have the most potential to engage decision makers by proving challenges.
Yes we offer email marketing by using different email templates and different tools of email sending commercial messages of our international clients.
We conduct meeting between team and project owner to remove any ambiguity about project and to create a friendly relationship between client and our team.
No we don’t have any outsource developers Hello World Technologies has its own team which work for us.
Hello World Technologies is customer oriented software house. We always focused on customer’s objectives. Our clients have trust on us because we are here to support our customers. We not only built software actually we built our customer’s trust.
First of all Hello World Technologies team get to know customers requirements and develop strategies for social networking according to customers’ requirements and promote effectively.
Customers can send us software description in which they can tell us about specifications of their project and our team send them a quote related to their software.
If you are good in web development, graphics, mobile apps development and any other field of software then you can contact us by filling form. We will give you a platform to increase your skills with us. Our teams don’t just read up on the latest technology tendency infact they create and impact them too. We hope you’ll join us soon.
Fill the online form and get a chance to be a part of Hello World Technologies.
There is friendly environment in Hello World Technologies. Our employees get incentives and benefits for being a part of our team. They work in their comfort zone. There is no stress and burden on our employees. Beside this Hello World Technologies has had the fortuity to work with some of the most executive those who are not only professional people but also great human beings.
We facilitate our team with all the things which they want for doing work effectively like all types of hardware and all accessories related to their work.