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Our Recent Frequently Asked Questions

At Hello World Technologies, you will get an amalgam of seasoned and passionate group of developers, designers, writers, artists and project managers. Our happy family is always growing, because we believe in taking every client we work with, as a part of our team. We brave through the challenges hand in hand to celebrate our victories. We like to segment our broad range of services into four major areas, i.e. Web Development, Apps Development, UI/UX Design and Digital Marketing. We believe in earning your trust and learning our lessons while our team moves forward by educating, creating and most of all, delivering results.
We design, develop and market the most appropriate kind of business solutions for you, helping you outdo your competition with our deeper understanding of your problem areas, your target audience and your business objectives. In short, we are ready to do everything it takes to offer you the most viable, scalable, user-centric and futuristic business solution. Our whole spectrum of digital services can be segmented into: Web Development Service, Apps Development Services, UI/UX Design Services and Digital Marketing Services.
HW Technologies believe and master in the underlying principles of design and development more than the tools and technologies, because the tools and technologies continue to change at a rapid pace, while the principles remain there for a considerable time period. However, the most commonly used tools of our diverse toolkit include: • PHP • JavaScript • React Native • HTML5 • CSS3 • Java • JSON
Yes, we often venture into the intriguing world of hybrid apps and our development team gets really excited to explore through the challenges of this rapidly evolving app development technology. In fact, we also build platform specific apps as well, i.e. iOS apps, Android apps and Windows apps. Our talent pool and our extensive market exposure has enabled us to produce highly functional and optimized apps with a clean, crisp, organized and well documented code using tools native to the respective platforms. This helps us further expedite your business solutions as and when needed.
As stated earlier, we are stern believers and practitioners of the development principles more than the platform itself, which gives us more flexibility and maneuverability in developing feature rich, user-centric and user-friendly solutions for your business. However, we have found the React Native platform to be the best through our hybrid apps development journey. So, if there is no restriction or preference by you, our clients, we give it a go with our favorite, i.e. React Native.
Yes, of course, we are. How can we not venture into an area constituting more than 35% of the total websites in existence (more than 455 million websites running on WordPress currently). Our team is very happy developing custom plugins and themes based on client requirements. Fact of the matter is that we do not follow any particular theme, because we like following our clients.
Everyone’s gotta have an apple of the eyes, and ours is Fajira. Fajira is an online business management solution aimed at helping business owners as well as their customers. It comprises of 4 different apps, Customer’s Frontend App, Order Receiving App, Delivery App and an Admin App. All of these apps have their respective scope of work, synched and coordinated together to offer you a seamless online business management experience. All these apps are available for Android as well as iOS platforms, with the Admin App also being offered in Desktop version. When you buy Fajira for your business, it also includes setting up a dedicated website for you, and your customers can order from the website as well, in addition to ordering from their Android or iOS ordering apps. You can view the order details in your Order Receiving App or can allow a manager/supervisor to cater to the order. Then there is the Delivery App, which enables you to manage the delivery of your merchandize/service to your end customer. You, your manager/supervisor as well as the customer can track the delivery online. The Admin app allows you to directly intervene/edit/manage the status of orders in case you want so. You can visit Fajira to learn more about it.
Yes, we do. Why? Because we like to take exclusive care of our clients. A good hosting service is one of the basic requisites of a seamlessly working, fast loading website. So, we cannot leave this to chance and mar our efforts due to a lagging hosting service. Moreover, it also saves our customers time and hassle.
With our presence in over a dozen countries spread across 3 different continents, we can claim our fair share of fame and stardom with some amazing projects, though we like giving our best shot to every single of the projects we work on. To name some, we can say: Dinehome. HeyFood IceTour
We consider clear, concise and open communication to be one of our core values for success. We work around you and your business needs, keeping you ahead of us all through the project. From our designers and developers to our marketers and business analysts, everyone works in unison with you to identify your target audience, understand your business model and pinpoint your business goals. We segment this approach in following domains: 1. Gather 2. Plan 3. Design 4. Develop/Test 5. Launch 6. Support Services Sticking to this approach has enabled us help businesses around the world grow exponentially and we never hesitate in going extra mile for you whenever and wherever you need.
Yes, they are. Surviving in virtual world is not possible without a sound SEO strategy, let alone thriving. That’s why we incorporate search engine optimization best practices through every phase of our project, making sure finding and accessing your website/application is as convenient for your target audience as navigating and ordering through it.
Yes, we do. Our UI/UX design services are all about invoking immediate interest within your target audience, offering them convenient navigation and subtle guidance, ultimately leading them towards your business goal whether it’s sales, subscription or any other desirable action. Our major design services include, but not limited to: Logo Design, Stationery Design, Brochure Design, Banner Design, Presentation Design, Flyer Design, Advertisement design etc.
Our apps development team has the knack of developing high-quality iOS apps for our clients, augmenting their business processes and easing out their end-users on all types of devices across the Apple ecosystem. Whether you want an app for an iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad, our team has got you covered.
With more than 70% mobile users around the world on the Android platform, not having an effective and efficient way of catering to their needs is certainly not a wise thing to do for a business. That’s why our apps development team specializes in producing native software solutions for Android, which you can run across all types of Android devices.
The growth of your online business can be catalyzed to a whole new level with the help of a well-structured ecommerce website. We have proven expertise in developing seamless, responsive and user-friendly E-commerce website, which contributes in enhancing your sales, easing out logistics management and facilitating scalability to help your online store prosper and thrive.
Yes, we are strong believers and practitioners of project documentation, because our experience has led us to this. Though it seems time consuming, but since we are in it for long haul, always ready to update, upgrade and upscale the solutions we have already provided to our clients, apt project documentation saves us a significant amount of time and effort. It’s like starting off from where we left. Moreover, when there are multiple roles and teams in your development services, it becomes essential to craft project documentation in the most appropriate manner.
Yes, we do, because top-level design and development services go hand in hand with scrum model. It encourages and facilitates fluid interaction amongst the product owner and stakeholder. It also incorporates a higher level of transparency, keeping all parties updated on the project’s progress as well as the product itself.
Our energetic and hardworking team lends you 72 hours a week of top-notch digital agency’s services.
Yes, our dedicated support services always back you up, no matter which day of the week, month or year it is.
Since our cliental extends globally, we frequently partner with ecommerce-based setups. That’s why we have a hands-on experience in integrating all different types of modern online payment systems on world’s top online payment gateways.
Of course, we do. We make sure to transfer all the skills and knowledge to our clients required in smoothly running a project we complete for them.
Yes, our system provides cross browser testing that make sure that the websites and web apps work across all majorly used web browsers. As web developers, it is our team’s responsibility to complete projects, no matter what browser, device, or additional assertive tools they have to deal with.
After sales support services are an integral part of our work ethics. So, we offer immediate help in case any problem occurs after successful deployment of a project.
Yes, we provide database system development, as it allows the user to modify data in real-time. Our database developers have many years of experience in designing complex custom database systems for all sorts of businesses.
With internet making it unbelievably easy for businesses to create a viable online presence, there are millions and millions of businesses jumping in on the internet bandwagon. This means businesses do not only require a great design and architecture to be successful online, but they also need the highest quality digital marketing services to outpace the cutthroat competition and become easily visible and accessible to people. That’s why we offer premiere quality digital marketing services to our clients, making sure they not only survive but thrive through this extensive competition. Core areas of our digital marketing services include, but not limited to: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Pay-per-click (PPC), Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Email Marketing etc.
We keep you in the loop right from the start to the finish, offering actual project stats and progress reports on daily, biweekly, weekly basis or any time you want an update from us. Our scrum model approach enables us to keep the client directly and actively involved in the design and development process. In short, we resort to as many ways, tools and techniques as possible to keep our clients involved and informed from the word go to the completion and deployment of project.
We listen to you, understand how you work, identify your business pain points and come up with a highly comprehensive, integrated and scalable solution capable of addressing your concerns. Our software solutions are the best blend of strategy, creativity, usability & user convenience.
Customers can send us software description in which they can tell us about specifications of their project and our team will contact them with initial quote, also offering further interactive sessions to determine the final cost, as there are quite a lot of details that contribute in determining the final cost of the project.
Simply, best of the best. There are many reasons for that. We value two things the most, our clients and our team. So, if you think you are exceptional at designing, coding, marketing, analytics, coordination or any other aspect that makes you important for a digital agency, our doors are always open for you, offering you a highly dynamic, growth-oriented and satisfactory career path.
There is friendly environment in Hello World Technologies. Our employees get incentives and benefits for being a part of our team. They work in their comfort zone. There is no stress and burden on our employees. In short, we take best care of our employees’ needs, so that they can take best care of our clients’ needs.