Food King

Happiness is eating food – and we help ensure customers’ happiness by helping them order food conveniently. Food King is one of our Norway-based food ordering projects.

That allows customers to order from their most favorite Oslo eatery and get it (the order) at their doorstep. Users can choose their meals via their smartphone app. The order directly goes to the partner restaurant and the staff prepares and then, delivers it to the order-booker.

Look for your Favorite Eatery in Norway

Norway is famous for two things: food and food lovers. We bring these two together! Food King allows users to search for their favorite local restaurant, food hub and eatery.

Order Placement Becomes Easier

The order placement was not as easy as it has become now. Using Food King, customers can smoothly place an order anywhere, anytime. They can even schedule their order to get it when they (really) feel hungry!

Avail Discounts and Deals

The app offers different discounts and deals to the users if a restaurant has allowed it. There is no chance of mistakes in calculations because we keep it clear. Any order placed online displays the total and sub-total to the customer that helps to avoid possible disputes.

Timings and Other Details

Our system displays restaurant timing and exact location and other details to the customers online. This helps to make online food ordering more efficient and useful for busy customers.

Delivery On-Time!

There should be a way to deliver food (on time) to the customers ordering food online. Well, Food King makes this sure via the rider app. The restaurant admin assigns the order to a rider as soon as the order is ready and he (the delivery guy) delivers it to the order-booker on time!

Multi-Featured System

Food King is not just one app – it is a whole system weave around to make restaurant order management easier, more comfortable and stress-free! This system is based on high technology, thanks to the team of experts backing it.

For riders, we have developed the rider app; the admin uses the admin app. While there is a separate customer website and smartphone application for the users. All these apps and websites are equipped with user-friendly and tailor-made features to make things smooth and easy to handle.


We made food ordering faster, easier and more fun!

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