iGrocers is an online grocery system, developed for our Aussie clients. Based on innovative technology, the iGrocers system allows users to shop online – just by clicking on the products they like to add to their carts.

How it Works

iGrocers is an e-grocery management system. This system comprises a few apps, a website and an admin portal. There are a customer app and a website for the end-users. They can order their groceries online using the app/website.

Customers can also select a payment option using the iGrocers system. The system displays the total amount of their purchase and updates it automatically.

For orders management, there is an admin website and an admin app designed. Admins can use any of these options to manage online grocery orders – anytime.

The system sends alerts in case of a new order. The admin is free to accept/reject any order through the admin app/site.

In case of order acceptance, the admin/manager can assign a rider to deliver the order to the respective customer.

Moreover, admins can review daily order statistics through the admin panel. They can also check sales reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis – anytime, anywhere.

Notable Features

  • Instant order management
  • Simpler to use
  • Fast delivery
  • Admin can add flavors and sizes with different products
  • Strong social media presence

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