Iub Blood Society


IUB Blood Society:

With swift increase in the usage of social networks sites across the world, there is also a fast increase in blood donation requests as being noticed in the number of posts on these sites such as Facebook and twitter seeking blood donors. Finding blood donor is a challenging issue in almost everywhere. IUB blood society more reliable applications that meet the needs of users are prompted.


Several software technologies including languages and framework are used to develop our blood-donor web application. These technologies comprise programming language along with JavaScript and SQL for database are used for open source Web framework that makes it possible to quickly and easily create data-based web applications.

Admin Panel:

Admin user can manage users and analyze data. User management includes adding or deleting co-admin users using “Admin Users” feature. Admin can track the list of donations made at all clinics using “View Donations”. This donations follow up can be used to alert those donors who have frequent donations to avoid risks explained earlier. Admin can also view all requests made by clinics “View Requests”. This can be used to alert donors in situations where the donations are not enough to fairly respond to the increasing number of requests. Admin can see the registered donors list using “Donors List” to alert or delete those donors, who are inactive for a period of time. Also, admin can encourage those limited number of donors in a specific area to invite their friends and relatives to register to the app. Admin can see the registered clinics using “Requesters List” to encourage those unregistered clinics to use this app. Using this data collected from all these admin features, admin can do data analysis.

Blood Requester:

When a patient needs a blood, the clinic where they admitted would request registered volunteers in the same or nearby area to donate using the “Send Request” of the app.Requester can send notification to donors as emergency/normal depending on the need. In some cases, surgeries are scheduled in advance and the blood donation then marked as normal. Once a request is fulfilled, i.e., when a successful donation made, then the clinic can send updated notification to the previous recipients. The function “Blood Requests Feed” is to display requests from other clinics. To enhance the cooperation and communication between different clinics, “Blood Requests Feed” can be used at one clinic to pass the need of other clinics to those potential donors who are unaware of the app. Clinics can also see their request history and donation history using “Request History” and “Donations History” features, respectively. Using the history, clinics can find out how many requests they requested and how many donations made and analyze the data for further research. Clinics are informed about the appointments scheduled by donors through using “Appointments”. As a result, this application can be helpful for clinics to send request to donors, keep track of requests and donations history, and view donor’s appointments with a clinic.

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