Did you know the online food order ratio is more than 70 percent (via apps) and 30 percent (via websites)? That is why more and more restaurateurs are going for it nowadays.

We have developed different systems for different companies and restaurants. One out of these is Nagoya.

Nagoya is a sushi restaurant in USA. We have designed and implemented an efficient food ordering system for them. Based on new technology, our system has made order management handy for the Nagoya staff.

How it Works

Our system includes a bunch of apps for the end-users, riders and admins and web portals. Nogaya customers can download the user app from the Play and App Stores for free. They can place food orders using that app. While the admin app is offered to receive orders and accept them.

Once an order is accepted, the admin assigns a delivery guy to drop the order. How does the delivery guy know he has an order? Through our rider app. This app is particularly designed for this purpose. It makes order tracking and home delivery easier.

We have also integrated online payment options into the system, enabling the Nagoya customers to pay online if they want to.

To ensure the system runs smoothly, we also provide complete support to our clients whenever they need it.

How is it Beneficial

Our restaurant ordering system is beneficial to restaurateurs and managers. They can review and monitor all the activities (related to ordering) anywhere, anytime. Text messages, real-time notifications and email alerts made this idea more fulfilling. Because it made this food ordering business easier and enjoyable.

Restaurant profit has increased three-fold with the introduction of food ordering systems. The food ordering system provides users with the choice to order remotely. People wanting to eat sushi for dinner can just download the app and place their order. It reaches them within minutes. And this is what many people love about online food ordering systems!

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