Route 66

Route 66

Hello World Technologies has designed ‘Route 66’, a highly efficient tour booking system for one of our Norwegian clients.

The Aim of Route 66

We have provided a highly successful tours and travel management system to Route 66. The aim was to create a platform where tourists can find different destinations and book them online.

We created a dynamic website and an app for this purpose. The system has made travel arrangements easier as well as enjoyable for everyone!

How it Works

The system can perform all operations related to tourism like trip booking, ticketing and other arrangements.

Route 66 system offers great deals and reliable services to its users. Our system helps form a direct connection with the travel agent and tourists – a much needed bond in the travel industry.

The Route 66 system has made tour management easier and faster. Imagine trip booking in no time!

Moreover, the system maintains and controls tourist data securely. We have developed such a system that automates the tourist activities and processes smoothly. It keeps track of the places recently visited by travelers.

Admin Activity

We designed a highly responsive admin panel for Route 66. The admin can perform different activities to manage the system. Here is a snippet of these activities:

  • An admin can review a booking request, accept or reject it and process it further
  • An admin can add, activate/inactivate and delete a category
  • An admin can add, activate/inactivate and delete a user
  • An admin can add, delete and update a notification
  • An admin can insert package information and update it
  • An admin can review the data and booking analysis and much more

User Activity

Route 66 users can perform different activities using our system. This includes:

  • A user can look for different hotels, parks and other places to travel using our system
  • A user can select any date and time of travel (schedule their travel)
  • He can book a hotel/flight via Route 66
  • Location sharing is also possible if a user wants it
  • A user can check the temperature, weather and other information about their favorite travel destination
  • Pay in Installments/ Part Payment option available
  • Bookings and payments are made directly to Route 66 International using our app/website.
  • Tour Information about popular attractions and tourist destinations available
  • A highly responsive navigation system and maps are also given
  • Users can see temperature and weather updates
  • Use barcode for booking optionally
  • Places recently visited by a user are maintained in their history

What are some other features?

Exciting tour packages for travel-lovers

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