Tandoori Flames

Tandoori Flames


Tandoori Flames is another Norwegian restaurant and our partner. We launched our online ordering system for them. This system helps them to optimize and manage their business online.

We made it easier than ever!

We offered multiple apps and web portals to our valuable client, Tandoori Flames. This includes an end-user app, admin and rider apps, and websites. The admin app helps the Tandoori Flames managers and owners to receive an order through their smartphone admin apps. This allows them to accept it and assign a rider further to drop the order.

We gave multiple options to the customers

Through our app and customer website, the Tandoori Flames customers can order easily, check menus and select multiple payment options. Our user-friendly apps and websites do not make it a mess to place an order. Anyone from a young child to an oldie can do it!

We make it faster and on time!

Hungry customers cannot wait. That’s why we made it sure that the order delivery system is smooth and fast. Even if a customer lives far away, they should get their order on time!

We deployed our rider app for this purpose. The app helps to make a connection between the admin and rider. Admin can assign order and track him to ensure food delivery on time.

Better business growth

Did you know about 70 percent of restauranteurs are making money through online ordering systems? Because today, people are preferring to order online.

Thanks to our food ordering system, our clients are happy with it. The system is helping them generate profit and enjoy better order management.

Some Other Features

  • Fast delivery
  • Accurate location tracking
  • Quick notifications
  • Email and SMS alerts
  • Multiple payment options
  • Easy to use for all

Hello World Technologies is happy to have happier clients worldwide!

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